Pool salt system repair service

Sending your board for repair is way cheaper than replacing the board and if the repair is done correctly, it will be as good as a new board. I am an electronic technician so I can do the proper diagnostic and perform the repair correctly instead of replacing the wrong part!

My repair services for salt systems and chlorinators

Repairs are done at my place in my lab by appointment. Depending on the system, we can often do the repair in 30 to 60 minutes and can wait while we are doing the repair. I have all the proper equipment to do clean solder without damaging the board.

  • We can repair Hayward Aquatrol, Hayward Aquarite and any model similar to the picture.
  • We can also repair Jacuzzi / Carvin salt systems.
  • Hayward and Jacuzzi / Carvin chlorinator repair
  • Hayward and Jacuzzi / Carvin pool salt system repair service
  • Salt system repair.
  • Jacuzzi salt system repair.
  • Hayward Pro Logic repair.
  • Hayward Aqua Logic repair.
  • Hayward Omnilogic repair.
  • Hayward Omnipl repair.

We also repair Hayward Omnilogic and Hayward Omnipl systems.

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We are located in Mont-Saint-Hilaire which is 15 minutes from Montreal. We serve great Montreal area. We also serve rest of Canada, USA and France by mail.

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We also do repair by mail for all Canada and United States.

We can repair Hayward Aquatrol, Hayward Aquarite. We can repair the following issue: « No Cell Power », « No Cell Power 1 », « No Cell Power 2 », « Communication error »,

We also sell refurbished parts for those systems.

MPORTANT: We do not repair or sell cell. For salt cell repair please contact Pool Cell Repair which is also a company in Quebec.