Frequent issues

Common types of problems with Hayward Aqua Rite, Aqua Trol, Swim Pure, Pro Logic and Aqua Logic

Check salt, Inspect Cell

When this happens verify first the salt in the pool by going for a water test. If it is adequate, contact us for a test by phone to determine if the problem is with the card (PCB) or if the cell is at the end of its life. If your tested salt lever is correct (with 2700 and 3400ppm for regular system) then inspect your cell to see if there is anything clogged in the cell.

No power on the board (dead board, dead display, no lights)

Open the panel faceplate and verify if yellow fuse is damaged. If fuse is damaged, you can try replacing it and if fuse blows again you will need to bring the whole machine for repair (not only the board). If the fuse is good, then the board is faulty and can be repaired by us.

Display shows PCB

Problem is with the main board. It is often intermitted but problem will happen more and more often. We can repair your board in this case.

No Cell Power, No Cell Power 1, No Cell Power 2

The problem is with your Pro Logic or Aqua Logic card and can normally be repaired.

Dead salt cell

When your panel is correctly working and your salt level as been verified (with a water analysis at the pool store), we can remotely confirm if the problem is coming from the board or from the cell. We do not repair or sell any cell, but you can contact Pool Cell Repair.