Induction stove and induction cooktop repair

I am repairing your induction cooktop and induction stove system.

Important: I only repair problem with induction system and I do not repair any other type of appliance as I am an electronic technician. I am a specialist in PCB (circuit board) which ensure that you get a reasonable price for the repair compared to have the boards completely replaced by an appliance technician who will replace the whole circuit.

So you will be saving a lot of money and it’s much more ecological to repair those circuits instead of replacing them and disposing them.

Most of the repair are done for less than 450$ plus applicable sales taxes. I normally have all parts in stock to repair the board. Depending on the board model I often have refurbished and tested board so I can exchange them in 30 minutes with appointment.

Electrolux E15 error can be repaired for 150$.

I repair the following brands of induction stoves and cooktops:

  • Electrolux
  • Viking
  • Miele
  • GE Profile / GE Monogram (only older generation)
  • Fisher Paykel
  • AEG
  • Frigidaire

Please contact us with the model number, error code and description of the issue.

Error code often seen with Electrolux that we can repair: E15, E30, E70, E35, E75, E32, E33, E34, E36, E74, E76, E31

Common part number that we repair: 75.470.484 , 75.470.482, 75.470.122 , 75.470.231, 75.470.232, 75.470.061, 75.470.479, 75.470.122, 75.470.061, 75.470.209, 75.470.439, 75.470.436, 75.470.006, 75.470.587, 75.470.207, 75.470.232, 75.470.587, 75.470.613, 75.475.182, 75.475.520

For induction cooktop repair the simplest way is to bring the cooktop as it’s easy to disconnect and we will do everything.

For Electrolux stove please contact us. We will provide you with the instructions to bring the top part of it (which can be removed in less than 10 minutes without any experience and other tool than a simple screwdriver; I can provide a youtube video). When bringing the top part with appointment, we will be able to swap the boards in 30 minutes. We will show you that it’s working before you’ll leave (we have a test stove).